Article by Caspar Walsh in The Guardian

The key to freeing young men from the grip of crime.
The charity Key4Life is using the restorative effects of writing and nature to reduce reoffending rates

Key4Life is a sister organisation to Write to Freedom (W2F), the charity I founded in 2008. It was also born out of the understanding of the power of nature and writing, as a way out of crime. It uses a potent mix of the written word and therapeutic work with horses as its nature/writing crossover.

Independent research shows a dramatic reduction in reoffending among its participants. Of the 23 young people Key4Life has worked with since it launched, only 8% have reoffended in contrast to official figures for England Wales of 74%. Last week, a group of its participants released an EP supported by Universal Music. The powerful lyrics of Second Chance were written by former prisoners under the mentorship of the R&B artist below for full article: