Key4Life are looking for mentors in Bristol

Key4Life are currently looking for mentors in Bristol to support a new preventative programme starting in October (also supported by the Home Office). 



Who can mentor?

  • Mentors can be from any background!
  • Successful Mentors are non-judgmental, patient and committed


Key4Life will provide robust training and support:


  1. You will complete 2 training sessions before you meet your Mentee
  2. Weekly check-ins with the Key4Life team throughout your time as a mentor
  3. Mentor drop-in sessions every 6 weeks for further support
  • 82% of Key4Life Mentors say they have used the skills developed as a
  • Key4Life Mentor in their day to day lives

What is the time commitment involved?

Key4Life runs two programmes:
A 12-month prison programme working with young men in prison:
You will meet your mentee in prison pre-release and offer up to 8 months of support post-release
A 6-month ‘At Risk’ preventative programme:
Working with young men who are at risk of going to prison (these are often friends/family members of alumni from previous prison programmes)

How do mentors help?

Mentors help to build a positive support network that can guide a young man away from offending:
  • Some Mentors text their Mentee every day, others have a phone call every 3 weeks
  • Some meet up once a week with their Mentee, some once every 6 weeks
  • Some Mentors take their Mentee to job interviews, others may review their mentee’s CV
  • Mentoring can vary depending on your mentee’s needs and your availability. We try to match mentors and mentees to create a practical and meaningful relationship.

Who are the mentees?

Key4Life participants often have multiple and complex needs:
  • 57% of Key4Life participants left school before the age of 16
  • Half of Key4Life participants are homeless upon joining the programme
  • 30% of Key4Life participants are young parents and 72% grew up without regular contact from their father