Making #WhatIf a reality with Alex Head, founder of Social Pantry
In our series, ‘making #WhatIf a reality with…’ we interview those individuals behind-the-scenes supporting our programme and helping our young men release their full potential…

Employment is proven to reduce re-offending rates – but many former offenders struggle to find work on release. Key4Life aims to address this issue head on by building lasting partnerships with businesses across a range of sectors including, hospitality, construction, retail, banking and insurance.


First up in our 'making #WhatIf a reality' series, we interview Alex Head, owner and founder of Social Pantry, a catering company with locations across London:

Alex with Suhail, her first Key4Life employee who has now worked at Social Pantry for almost 4 years. 


Alex, can you firstly tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

I started selling sandwiches off the back of my bike after being expelled from school at 15. After working in hospitality I started Social Pantry 7 years ago and have grown the business to 6 sites over London. My main business is catering for events over London.


How do you and Social Pantry support Key4Life?

I love working with Key4Life and have hosted work tasters and employed gentlemen over the last few years. I have been into prison with the charity and mentored a gentlemen through the charity.


What has been a highlight working with Key4Life?

My whole journey with the charity has been an amazing experience. I have loved the experience of meeting the young men, working with the people involved with Key4Life and visiting the prisons.



Alex with Ruben, her Key4Life mentee.


Entrepreneurship has been recognised as a key skill within our young men and as a fellow entrepreneur, can you offer any words of wisdom when starting out?

Hard work can get you anywhere. You don’t need to have the best qualifications to get where you want to be, you just need to enjoy what you do and work hard at it to achieve your goals.


Music plays a big role in encouraging emotional and behavioural change within our young men, can you tell us your favourite motivational soundtrack and why?

Oh my goodness, there are so many songs that motivate me, remind me of great times and that jog memories. When business gets tough I can always rely on Bob Marley, Don’t worry be happy to relax me!


Find out more about Alex here and follow Social Pantry on Instagram.