Firsts all round
Key4Life is Mendip Renewables' first community partner

Bristol-based Triodos Bank has become the first bank in the UK to launch a crowdfunding platform, enabling people to invest directly in organisations that are working to deliver a positive social and environmental impact.


And the very first bond to go live will re-finance Mendip Renewables Ltd solar farm, taking it into community ownership. An estimated £1.4m will be generated over the project’s 25 years, which will go to support causes, including Key4Life. Mendip Renewables will facilitate the distribution of profits to charitable organisations in Somerset through a community benefit fund. The first charity to benefit will be Key4Life.


“We are delighted to be the Mendip Renewables’ community partner. Our aim is to continue to help to turn around the lives of some of the most disaffected young men across Somerset, while making our communities safer. This bond will unlock vital funds for a further preventative programme in 2018.” Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder and CEO of Key4Life