Inspiring Residential for 'At Risk' London Programme in the scottish highlands

As we approach the end of our pilot ‘At Risk' London programme, participants re-cap on lessons learnt during the Key4Life programme. The young men were given a space to enjoy being in nature and also learning about conservation strategies in this beautiful land.


A huge thanks to the team at Alladale Wilderness Reservce and The European National Trust for hosting our residential and giving the young men this valuable experience.


"At Alladale one of our greatest beliefs is that spending time in nature and getting away from your normal routine can really help someone in terms of health, stress and getting a genuine break. Working with the guys at Key4Life last week only showed this to be more than true as we hosted young men from London, most of whom had never visited a place like Alladale before.


Even just a day on the hill was enough to see the change in the participants – a few even want to come back! We hope that we can host courses like this more and more going forward and even possibly set up some work placements for Key4Life participants in the future." - Sam Sutaria, Operations Manager at The European Nature Trust.


Key4Life Team and Participants are incredibly grateful to Sam Sutaria from The European Nature Trust for hosting the Key4Life rural residential on an amazing site in Alladale Wilderness Reserve.


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