Sir Mike Rake's BT Dinner 2017


Sir Mike Rake, Chairman of BT Group and Patron of Key4Life is to host a dinner on 14 June at BT Tower with over 70 UK business leaders to galvanise the sector to give opportunities to young offenders, as half of UK companies say they would not consider employing an ex-offender.  


The dinner notes the launch of Key4Life's independent Research Review 2017  launched on 14 June, showing significant results: Reducing re-offendingex-offenders are nearly 4x less likely to re-offend a year after release with Key4Life: 

• 14% of Key4Life ex-offenders re-offend within a year of release, compared to national average of 61%.  


Increasing employment: a Key4Life participant is 4x times more likely to be employed a year after their release than their peers. 

• 64% of Key4Life participants are in employment a year after their release, compared to national average of 15%  


Social Return on Investment: from an economic point of view, the research shows that for every £1 invested, Key4Life generates £17.06 over three years through economic benefits, human capital gains, avoided Exchequer costs and wellbeing improvements among our young men. This equates to Key4Life generating £6.13m in social value through its five prison programmes to date.  


Please read our independent Research Review 2017.pdf