Open Letter from Curtis Frayling
Curtis was on the Key4Life Somerset preventative programme and graduated in November

To whom it may concern


I have worked at YHC Yeovil for almost 8months now. The guys at YHC treat me with a lot of respect. Some of them have a bit of a past. We’ve all got a past. I’ve got a past but it’s passed.

It’s the first job I’ve ever loved and I don’t want to ever leave. I will stay in this job for the rest of my life if I can and I want to progress from the bottom to the top and I’ve already had a pay rise. My boss has noticed that I am progressing because in my first year I’ve had a pay rise. I still hunger for knowledge and I’m doing things I’ve never thought I would achieve such as learning to drive big diggers and dumpers welding and the beginning of mechanics.


The first month I was there I was homeless and sleeping on park benches in between mate’s sofas. For some reason I kept holding this job down because I didn’t want to disappoint Eva and what I learnt from the emotional support I am, and was, given from key4life and using it to my advantage in my life.


Day by Day I’m learning new experiences; it’s making me appreciate life a lot more. I now have meaning in society, I feel good, and I’m living instead of existing. It’s nice to make an honest day’s wage and it’s nice to feel exceptionally appreciated by your bosses and work mates being told you are doing a brilliant job. Looking back at my life 6 months ago I never thought I would get out of the negative spiral that I was in but now I have a purpose and it’s a job I appreciate and I respect the authority because they respect me which I would’ve never expected.


It’s made me feel part of something and somewhere to belong. Getting this has been the best part of my life so far and I’m daily striving to progress. At the start it was a constant battle in my head with negative thoughts and emotions. Now I have a purpose. I properly respect my boss Andy Parker for giving me the opportunity to prove myself which I grabbed with both hands.


Curtis Frayling 23

YHC Yeovil