The aim is to reduce re-offending in young people by encouraging them to change their attitude, thinking and behaviour through mentoring, advice, advocacy and targeted specialist support.


They key element of the mentoring work is supporting the young person to understand and change their underlying attitudes, behaviours and aspirations, whilst also addressing their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. The person mentoring is part of a team facilitating this process; they do not have to do it all.  Much of the work will involve linking and sign-posting with partner organisations.  


The mentoring approach will be practical, holistic and will provide Tools4Life.


If you think that mentoring is for you and would like to be considered for the programme and our next training mentoring day please fill out an application form.



If you apply to be a mentor you will receive:


  • Training to provide the skills needed
  • Knowledge about using partner organisations
  • Tools4Life manual
  • A supervisor and extra support if needed


Click here to apply online to be a mentor


Click here to download and print off the application form as a pdf