"Key4Life has helped me in every way. I am more positive, more motivated and more confident - I have a job for the first time in my life!"










Josh is one of 10 siblings, who has been in and out of trouble from an early age, excluded from mainstream school in Year 7, and been in custody four times since the age of 15. 


When he joined Key4Life in HMP/YOI Isis, 3 months before his release, he was depressed, lacked confidence and disliked talking in front of others.  As the programme has developed, he became the most reliable and positive of the group, regularly talking in front of others.


Josh has completed work tasters at BT, Heartshore Horses and Gaucho Restaurants, where they were so impressed he was employed as a kitchen assistant – his first job at 21. Two years on and Josh is still working hard, while also looking at other opportunities to fulfill his dream of becoming an electrician.