Message from Founder


Having spent 30 years setting up different charities to work with some of the most disaffected people in Britain, I feel that Key4Life is a highly effective integrated model delivering life changing results. 


Key4Life has now been operating as a charity for more than 4 years. We have completed 5 programmes and are currently working in HMP/YOI Portland, HMP/YOI Isis and HMP Wormwood Scrubs. To date we have run 2 preventative 'At Risk' programmes in Somerset, with the support of the Police and Councils across the county and we are now piloting an 'At Risk' London programme.


We are delighted to announce that we have commenced a further programme at HMP/YOI Portland with over 30 participants, our largest group to date, as well as a At Risk preventative programme in London. We are commencing a new residential programme, the first of its kind, at HMP Guys Marsh in the summer.


Key4Life has seen extraordinary success with our latest results:


  • Our current re-offending rate is 14% against the national average of 64% one-year post-release 


  • 81% of our participants completed Work Tasters and 79% are in work or training at the end of the programme
  • 63% of participants sustained employment a year later
  • 90% of the young men in Somerset on our pilot ‘At Risk’ programme offered employment
  • Our current re-offending rate is 16% against the national average of 74%
  • It costs £5,000 to put a young person through the Key4Life Programme while it costs the tax payer £37,000 to keep one young offender in prison for a year.

Key4Life’s 7-step model is tackling the root causes and not just the symptoms of re-offending. Our independent research study has highlighted the notable impact of Key4Life in developing emotional resilience and employability skills.


The challenge to all of us is to help these young men onto a new path through mentoring, work tasters, and ultimately to assist them in finding and sustaining long-term employment in order to create a new future.


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Key4Life is:

  • A new social venture and charity creating innovative solutions to help reduce youth offending and gang warfare
  • A coalition of world class organisations representing the financial, creative, music, rural, social and criminal justice industries
  • A programme to rehabilitate young people pre and post release through:



  • Equine therapy – in the prison and outside
  • Group and one-to-one emotional and behavioural management programmes
  • Music therapy, working with Universal Music and their artists
  • Introduction and preparation to the world of work
  • Meet with the family



  • Mentoring for up to one year including life skills and action plans
  • Opportunities for training, apprenticeships and employment through our Work Taster scheme
  • Families and local communities engagement programmes
  • Rural residentials


Family Work

We believe it is important to work with the young person’s family in their rehabilitation back into the outside world through:

  • Contact with family or next of kin
  • Broker between family & social services or employers when necessary
  • Opportunity to invite family members to Key4Life events to showcase the achievements of the young people   

This fulfils a number of roles:

  • Reassurance & support to the family
  • Helping with problems & providing an insight to both the family & Key4Life team
  • Brings pride to the family
  • Helps the wider community


Mother of Key4Life Participant, HMP/YOI Isis Programme, London

“Key4Life has been incredibly supportive and has always been there for both my son and I. It is amazing to see what Key4Life has done with him - reaching out to him, being there, help with his job. At times when I was unable to help Key4Life was there. It would be great if there were more people about like Key4Life. I am incredibly grateful.”


Lord German OBE, Member of the House of Lords

“There are some wonderful examples of good practice: Key4Life based in Somerset developing emotional resilience and employment skills.”


Key4Life work is underpinned by ongoing independent qualitative research that is being carried out by The People Partnership. 



Supported by the Lovington Foundation