Employer concern still remains one of the most significant barriers for ex-offenders in finding work, with half of UK companies saying they would not consider employing an ex-offender and 45% were concerned ex-offenders would be unreliable.


Key4Life, in conjunction with some of their supporting businesses, explore how innovative solutions in partnership with the corporate sector, gives young offenders another chance and lasting societal rewards.


A Key4Life participant is four times more likely to be employed a year after their release than their peers and four times less likely to re-offend and this is due to the wide variety and early intervention of businesses engaged pre and post-release. Over 80 businesses support Key4Life across a range of sectors including hospitality, insurance and construction.



How do businesses benefit?


Develop and engage your staff: Engage staff across the business through mentoring, Work Tasters and employment. 82% of Key4Life mentors have used skills developed through Key4Life at work.


Diversify your workforce: Work Tasters, carefully pre-screened and c-ordinated by Key4Life, are a low-risk trial to meet talented people from diverse backgrounds that you would not otherwise meet. Key4Life continue to provide support and regular check-ins after you employ a participant.


Meet social responsibility goals: Show leadership no one of the Government’s priority areas of reform. Play an integral role in the development and positive transition of some of the UK’s most disadvantaged young people. Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and be part of a consortium of leading companies helping young men into employment.  



How can your business reduce youth re-offending?


Mentoring a young man: Key4Life have trained over 145 mentors Hosting a Work Taster: 3-day work experience for participants


Providing employment: To participants who meet you skill requirements Donating: Become a Key4Life Strategic Partner or a corporate funder


Donating: Become a Key4Life Strategic Partner or a corporate funder.



"It is amazing to see the results that Key4Life can achieve. Everyone makes mistakes in life and it has given our team a massive sense of achievement to be instrumental in offering someone a second chance." - Patsy Godik, Creative Driector, GAUCHO Restaurants


“There is real value behind recruiting people with different experiences and cultures. It underpins our values that we always care and it inspires our people with new ways of thinking”. - Aideen Whelan, HR Manager Lancaster London  



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Winner of the Centre for Social Justice’s Education, Employment and Skills Award 2018